Musera Geoffrey at workstation

Musera Geoffrey at workstation

Mr. Musera Geoffrey is hospitality expert with more than 15 years management experience in five-star hotels and resorts as well as institutions of higher learning. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality Management and a Diploma in Food and Beverage Management. Geoffrey is an Associate member of (TPA)  – Tourism Professional Association

His emphasis cuts across the need to upgrade and maintain high standards of operations among all players, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders in the hospitality industry. Global hospitality brand standards’ main office is currently located in Nairobi – Kenya, but plans are underway to diversify offices to other cities globally.

Despite being educated, hospitality professionals must put more emphasis on the best practices on customer service delivery. The core value of any business is to attract new customers while maintaining the existing ones. Effective customer service delivery through systematic implementation of unique hospitality brand standards is mandatory to the fulfillment of this objective.

Wrong choices on brand standards have cost hotels and other hospitality establishments immensely on reputation as well as customer sustainability. Current trends in the industry demand high and effective customer service, hence the need for Global hospitality brand standards.

Geoffrey shares his visions on the need for the implementation of Global hospitality brand standards with all interested parties globally. Explore more about his ambitions in his publications on blog posts page.

For more information, you can reach him via e-mail: chavangigeoffrey@gmail.com

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