Hospitality Brand Standard

Welcome to Our New Blogging Platform

I take this opportunity to thank all my friends, fellow bloggers and Hospitality Brand Standards blog subscribers for being the main reason for sharing articles on this platform. It has been my pleasure to inform all that we have migrated to a more developed platform but I can assure you that you will access the same services and interactions as it has been the case here and even better.

I am humbled by your continued support on this blog and request all my subscribers and followers to subscribe and follow me on the new platform. The new platform is more interactive with better appearance and integration. However, this platform will not cease to exist immediately but will finally be terminated after shifting the current blog posts to the new platform. Until then, you can still read your favorite articles here as you make the decision to move on with us.

Don’t miss your great articles on hospitality brand standards, quality brand standards, standard operating procedures and menus among other things. Your feedback is very crucial to us. Please share with us your reviews about the new platform.  Leave comments and we will respond promptly. You can also give us your suggestions on what we can do to make the platform better.

Remember our philosophy “DIVIDED WE FALL; TOGETHER WE STAND”

This platform cannot be active if you and I are not there. So take a few minutes and visit our blog at:


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