Quality Brand Standard

Kids club brand standard

Understanding Kids club

A kids club is a facility that cares for children while their parents are enjoying themselves in hotels and hospitality establishment. Kids clubs are compared to modern daycare facility as it is currently known in the education sector. They vary from a modern playground to a complete playground specially designed for children and it is normally offered by hotels for the purpose of educating and entertaining small children for shorter periods of about 2 – 3 hours or for the entire day depending on the length of period that parents recommend. Kids club provide a wide range of activities such as sports lessons, dancing, singing and language experience among others.

children playing football

children playing football

In most hotels, the membership in such clubs is usually restricted to children below 12 years old.

The following are the brand standards that are vital in increasing service delivery in kids club in modern hotels and other hospitality establishments.

Your pledge: To provide a friendly professional service in a safe and hygienic recreational facility.

  • Kids club must be clean and ready for the children from 0900 hours to 2200 hours every day.
  • Parents will be provided disclaimer forms for signature.
  • All the children will be greeted ideally by name every time they come to the Kids Club.
  • Parents leaving their children in the Kids Club must sign the contact forms indicating their room number, cell phone number (if applicable) e.t.c.
  • The cost and booking procedure for babysitting will be explained to parents and a form provided for their signature prior to commencing the services.
  • Kids and Parents will be thanked by name when leaving and wished a pleasant day/evening.

If the above kids club brand standards are well applied in the hotel and hospitality establishments, they will perfectly increase customer satisfaction as well as promoting good reputation to the club and the hotel establishment at large.


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