Standard Operating Procedure (Sop)

Outside catering procedure

Purpose of this procedure:

To provide effective and reliable outside catering services


This applies to all the outside catering services.


Mis-en-place:             Pre-preparation


The Restaurant Manager shall be responsible for implementation of this procedure.


  • The Restaurant Manager shall agree with the client on what to be provided for Outside Catering.
  • The Restaurant Manager shall send a quotation to the client with the menu and the price to be charged.
  • The client shall receive the quotation and send a confirmation order.
  • The Restaurant Manager shall maintain a record of the function type and other information important to the client in the quotation or order file.
  • The Restaurant Manager shall visit the function venue and communicate the function menu to the chef.
  • The Chef shall plan the menu. This shall involve requisitioning for items from the stores, mis-en-place and menu production.
  • The Restaurant Manager shall communicate to the waiting staff about table layouts, drinks to be served, the method of service e.t.c.
  • Waiting staff shall conduct their mis-en-place, for example packing of linen, crockery, flatware, chafing dishes, cutlery required for use at the venue.
  • The driver shall take the waiting staff to the function venue for set up.
  • The client shall provide a function schedule with the timing of tea breaks, lunch, breaks, the guests to be served the first e.t.c.
  • The driver shall pick the food and beverages to be served at the function and transport some cooks to the venue who shall be involved in assisting waiters in food service.
  • The chef shall record all the food items and equipment delivered to the venue in a delivery notebook.
  • Waiter/waitress supplying the food shall deliver a delivery note to the client for the food supply, which shall be signed by the customer upon receipt.
  • Waiting staff shall open the buffet for service after the announcement from the person in charge of the function or the host. At this stage, some of the waiting staff shall be going around serving drinks and the other waiting staff shall be circulating, keeping tables clear of any dirty equipment.
  • After the service, the waiting staff and cooks shall stock take the items taken to the venue, pack and take them back to the restaurant which will be checked against equipment record book for issues.
  • Cashier shall raise an invoice after the function and attach all the supporting documents and hand them over to the Restaurant Manager for verification and send it to the client.
  • Client shall sign in the delivery note book to acknowledge receipt of the invoice.
  • In case of cancellation or change of dates of function order the client shall issue a letter of communicating the changes.

Note: All departmental orders shall be offered in accordance with the hotel policy and standard operating procedures.




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