Quality Brand Standard

Business center brand standard

Understanding business center;

A business center is a unique complete business solution geared for public access at hotels, and resorts. Utilizing the combination of secure Internet station browser and our high-end multi-function devices, business centers offer high-speed internet access, printing, copying, scanning, and outbound faxing services. This is the most versatile and effective solution available today. Business Centers have the ability to provide directions from your lobby to area restaurants, shopping, attractions and other services.

Gives your guests the opportunity to access information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and especially when the front desk is busy with check-ins and check-outs. Guests often rave about our kiosks & Business Center systems and how helpful they are. This is a great way to increase your level of customer service.

The hotel business center is not what it used to be. Gone are the days of the big separate room, often windowless, with a line of computers and printers. Instead, hotels are increasingly transforming business centers from quiet workspaces to lounge and meeting areas. Some are turning sections of their lobbies into de facto business centers, while others are improving workspaces in guest rooms.

All that is left of many business centers is a small room with a few computers and printers, used mainly by travelers who have a document or boarding pass to print, or who need to check e-mail and do not have a laptop or Smartphone. Guests usually get in and out quickly, rather than spending hours working there.

The needs of business travelers have changed significantly in the past years, So while the hotel chain maintains its business centers, it also employs mobile experts to help guests in lobbies and guest rooms, and keeps a supply of power cords and other items a guest might need.

Business travelers do not want to go to a windowless business center, but they do need to use their computers, make calls and print documents.

The following are the best brand standard practices for hotel business center officer;

Your pledge: To provide a friendly and efficient service

  • All guests and business center users shall be greeted and acknowledged on arrival to the business center. The business center attendant should stand up to greet clients and be friendly and welcoming.
  • The assistant shall ask “how may I assist you today?” The services may include photocopying, e-mail, faxing, making a telephone call or web surfing.
  • The guest will be offered a seat at a desk as appropriate. A person making a quick inquiry may not need to sit down but someone requiring a specific service may need to.
  • The guest will be advised as to how long it will take for the service and therefore make a decision on whether to wait or go and come back.
  • At all times the guest will be offered personalized service where maximum assistance is given.
  • On completion of the job, the attendant will verify and confirm with the client is satisfied and any remedial action was taken.
  • The client shall then be appropriately charged for the services rendered and bid farewell with a ‘thank you for using the e@XYZ Hotel Business center services – come again’.

Finally, many hotels are focusing on upgrading their business centers to reflect the true needs of today’s business travelers. There is as much business going on in hotels as ever, but where business takes place has changed with the revolution in digital and mobile communication.


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