Hospitality Brand Standard

Health club, spa and animation brand standard

A health club provides very essential services to enhance guests’ recreation and physical fitness during their stay at a hotel/hospitality establishment. As an expert in the hospitality industry, I have come up with the following is a list of recommended brand hotel service standards for health club, spa, and animation;

Reception: HC/R

  • HC/R/001 – During open hours, a health club associate will always be present at the reception.
  • HC/R/002 – All guests will be greeted warmly and welcomed to the health club. If need be, they’ll be partially escorted to their first destination within the health club.
  • HC/R/003 – First-time guests will be offered an orientation of the facility. For non-resident guests, the associate will offer to show the rate card to the guests after the orientation.
  • HC/R/004 – All associates should be conversant with all health club equipment and facilities.
  • HC/R/005 – Upon sign in, all regular guests will be issued with a locker key in an armband key holder by the receptionist. The guest will then be advised to wear the key holder while using the facility.
  • HC/R/006 – Upon the guest’s departure, the receptionist will bid the guest a warm farewell thanking them for their patronage.

Locker rooms: HC/LR

  • HC/LR/001 – All equipment in the locker room should always be clean and in proper working condition.
  • HC/LR/002 – All guests should be briefed on the use of all the locker room facilities.
  • HC/LR/003 – Locker room toiletries will always be amply stocked, clean and well arranged.

Gym and aerobic studio: HC/GA

  • HC/GA/001 – All guests will be warmly greeted by the instructor on duty issued with a hand towel and offered assistance with their workout.
  • HC/GA/002 – Fresh fruit juice will at all times be available to guests during their workout.
  • HC/GA/003 – All individual guest work programs should be well filed and easily accessible to the guests.
  • HC/GA/004 – All guests should be briefed on the use of the different cardiovascular machines and isotonic equipment.
  • HC/GA/005 – The instructor will always be available to supervise, assist and motivate the guest where necessary.
  • HC/GA/006 – All gym and aerobics equipment will always be clean and in proper working condition.
  • HC/GA/007 – Instructions on safety and correct usage of equipment will be promptly displayed in the gym area.
  • HC/GA/008 – The instructor will bid the guest a warm farewell inquiry on their next workout session.

Swimming pool: HC/SP

  • HC/SP/001 – The pool and side furniture and facilities will always be clean and in proper working condition.
  • HC/SP/002 – The guests will always be issued with the appropriate clean and folded the towel.
  • HC/SP/003 – The attendant on duty will always be on standby when the pool is in use. If unavailable, a suitable board, indicating ‘no lifeguard’ will be promptly displayed.
  • HC/SP/004 – Appropriate life-saving equipment and signage will be visible and displayed to ensure guest safety.

Spa and massage: HC/SM

  • HC/SM/001 – All Spa associates will maintain impeccable standards of grooming and personal hygiene, free of any detectable body odor or strong deodorants.
  • HC/SM/002 – The Spa surroundings, ambiance, treatments and customer care extended by all spa associates must reflect relaxation at all times.
  • HC/SM/003 – When taking reservations the associates will upsell the various massage treatments offered.
  • HC/SM/004 – The guest will be warmly welcomed by the therapist upon entry to the massage room.
  • HC/SM/005 – The treatment room ambiance will be freshly set for each guest. A selection of music and essential oils (where relevant) will be offered and the temperature and lighting will be set to ensure the guests’ total relaxation and comfort.
  • HC/SM/006 – Each guest will experience a pristine treatment room with fresh linen and towels.
  • HC/SM/007 – All spa associates will be well skilled in all therapies offered to guests.
  • HC/SM/008 – The therapist will at all times during the massage maintain a high level of professionalism.

Animation: ANIM

  • ANIM/001 – All animation associates will be well knowledgeable about the activities and events offered. Associates will upsell the various animation activities available, to guests whenever possible.
  • ANIM/002 – During open hours, the animation kiosk and ‘kids club’ room will be manned by an animation associate at all times.
  • ANIM/003 – An associate will always be present, willing and ready to assist or participate in all sports arenas when in use.
  • ANIM/004 – All available animation equipment will always be clean and sterilized and in proper working condition.
  • ANIM/005 – All animation notice boards will have updated information neatly and clearly displayed.
  • ANIM/006 – All animation associates will maintain a lively attitude at all times when interacting with guests.

Health Club, SPA, and Animation are vital sections in the hospitality industry. They add value to guests experience by providing opportunities for recreation activities as well as team building.



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