Hospitality Brand Standard

Front office brand standard

The front office is the heart of a hotel. Its functions include reservations, check-in, and check-out, guest and concierge services, as well as an accounting component. Standard operating procedures are routinely followed and serve as a guide to maintaining adequate revenue and consistency in service levels in an effort to create repeat business. A hotel’s standard front office operating procedures will address everything from the appearance of employee uniforms to making guest reservations at local theaters. These procedures are crucial to a hotel’s continued financial viability.

Concierge: FO/CON

  • FO/CON/001 – Concierge services must reflect a comprehensive knowledge of a range of information, including but not limited to rentals bars, entertainment, shopping, sightseeing, cinema theatres, banks, diplomatic missions, religious services e.t.c.
  • FO/CON/002 – Concierge must have detailed product knowledge of the hotel, its services and facilities, the hotel group and the country of residence at large.
  • FO/CON/003 – Concierge must be aware of various city events and activities, for recommendation and promotion to guests.
  • FO/CON/004 – Airport representatives and drivers must have mobile phone connectivity at all times.
  • FO/CON/005 – All guests will travel in a vehicle that’s impeccably clean and in the perfect working condition containing the following; 2 Newspapers, Kleenex, umbrellas, mineral water, First aid kit, 3 Music CD’s and the hotel promotional material (Group brochure, latest copy of newsletter, loyalty enrollment forms). In addition, the Limousine will have a nest leather folder with a hotel branded pen and notepad.
  • FO/CON/006 – Airport transfers will be conducted smoothly, efficiently with the vehicle in sterling condition.
  • FO/CON/007 – All guests will be received warmly, efficiently, with a smile and eye-contact.
  • FO/CON/008 – All guest baggage will be handled with care and delivered safely within 5 minutes after guest arrival into the room. In case of any delay, Concierge will notify the guest of the same and the expected arrival time of the baggage will be conveyed and adhered to.
  • FO/CON/009 – For all group arrivals, luggage will be handled with care and delivered safely within 15 minutes of the guests entering their rooms.
  • FO/CON/010 – All guest luggage will be collected from the guest room within 5 minutes of request and placed in the designated area in the lobby.
  • FO/CON/011 – All requests for airport drop-offs will be conducted smoothly, efficiently with the vehicle in sterling condition.

Front desk: FO/REC

  • FO/REC/001 – All guests will be acknowledged, welcomed with eye contact, a warm smile and checked-in within 5 minutes.
  • FO/REC/002 – No guest will wait longer than 3 minutes before being served. If on the queue, an apology must be given for the delay.
  • FO/REC/003 – Messages/packages will be received on behalf of guests who hold valid reservations at the Hotel and these will be handed over on check-in.
  • FO/REC/004 – Guests will be acknowledged by their names upon identification, at least twice and no more than twice during check-in.
  • FO/REC/005 – Physically challenged persons will be allocated the required rooms and advised on special services where available.
  • FO/REC/006 – In case a room is not immediately available after the standard check-in time, an apology should be offered to the guest along with a complimentary drink/meal depending on the length of time a guest will be expected to wait.
  • FO/REC/007 – All groups will be pre-allocated room keys and a group check-in sheet and a briefing room will be made available for the check-in process (Min 6 Pax).
  • FO/REC/008 – Billing instructions should be clarified from the guest’s reservation details in the system and the backup correspondence copies.
  • FO/REC/009 – Guest bills will be clear, easy to read, completely accurate with the KRA electronic signature, and neatly folded into the hotel branded envelope.
  • FO/REC/010 – The receipts, invoices and credit card printouts must be signed by the guest.
  • FO/REC/011 – All departing guests will be checked-out efficiently within 7 minutes of their arrival at the counter and politely requested to fill out the guest feedback form.
  • FO/REC/012 – Guests will be bid a fond farewell with a request to return.

Guest relations: FO/GR

  • FO/GR/001 – All ‘preferred guest’ rooms will be allocated to preference prior to guest arrival.
  • FO/GR/002 – All VIP/preferred guests’ rooms will be in sterling condition and the amenities in place before arrival as per the hotel repeaters award scheme.
  • FO/GR/003 – All guests will be called within 15 minutes of check-in to extend a welcome, inquire of guest comfort and offer assistance.
  • FO/GR/004 – In-coming calls will be answered within 3 rings, and an apology will be offered if answered after 3 rings.
  • FO/GR/005 – Guests complaints/requests will be handled efficiently and conclusively within the shortest time possible and feedback is given to the guest.
  • FO/GR/006 – All GRO/GLO associates will be well informed of all hotel activities and its environs at all times.
  • FO/GR/007 – All preferred guests will be recognized as per the hotel repeaters award scheme.
  • FO/GR/008 – All preferred guests will be met by GM/FOM/DM/GRM, escorted to the room and checked-in by the GRM.
  • FO/GR/009 – All physically fit guests will be escorted to their rooms by a G.R.O, receptionist or porter.
  • FO/GR/010 – All groups will be received warmly, welcomed into a briefing room, refreshed and checked-in within 15 minutes.
  • FO/GR/011 – GROs will maintain all records of guests’ history to ensure repeat guests are recognized and their preferences are taken care of.
  • FO/GR/012 – All guests escorted to their rooms will be explained to the various facilities available.

Reservations: FO/RES

  • FO/RES/001 – All reservations inquiries through any channel, will be handled and answered within a maximum of 24 hours.
  • FO/RES/002 – The reservations associates will be required to have sound product knowledge and good speaking and listening skills.
  • FO/RES/003 – The phone will be answered with clear voice modulation, speech clarity and proper pronunciation, and must make the guest feel as though they can hear you smile.
  • FO/RES/004 – The caller’s name will be identified and utilized accordingly.
  • FO/RES/005 – Details of the reservation will be repeated systematically and precise before disconnection using the phraseology: “I wish to reconfirm the details of your booking Mr. XYZ”.
  • FO/RES/006 – Bookings will be charted accurately and promptly e.g. Name, arrival, departure dates, PAX, ETA/ETD, MOP, MP, Rate and room type.
  • FO/RES/007 – Associates must be fully knowledgeable about hotel booking policies, in particular, cancellation, no-show, child policy, upgrade, wait-listing, discounting, and overbooking.
  • FO/RES/008 – Associates must be sales oriented and always attempt to up-sell the hotel.
  • FO/RES/009 – Associates always offer assistance or provide an alternative when rooms are not available, including booking them at other hotels.

Switchboard: FO/SWB

  • FO/SWB/001 – The switchboard associates will be required to be neat, articulate and have sound product knowledge, have good communication skills and awareness of the activities of the day.
  • FO/SWB/002 – All calls will be answered within 3 rings using the hotel brand standard phraseology.
  • FO/SWB/003 – The phone will be answered with clear voice modulation, speech clarity, and proper pronunciation.
  • FO/SWB/004 – Switchboard associates will always offer assistance or alternatives to the callers and feedback given within the first two minutes of their request.
  • FO/SWB/005 – Switchboard associates will use simple language, avoid slang and technical terms/industry jargon.
  • FO/SWB/006 – If calls are kept on hold, contact will be made every 40 seconds offering the caller the choice of remaining on hold, leaving a message or receiving a callback.
  • FO/SWB/007 – Callers will be informed before being transferred to another extension, within five seconds and using the standard phraseology.
  • FO/SWB/008 – The switchboard associates will always be audible, warm and maintain a friendly tone.
  • FO/SWB/009 – All wakeup calls will be recorded accurately in the wakeup call schedule.
  • FO/SWB/010 – All wakeup calls will be conducted at the correct times using the hotel’s standard phraseology.
  • FO/SWB/011 – Switchboard associates will always hang up with the caller.
  • FO/SWB/012 – Messages will be received and recorded accurately.
  • FO/SWB/013 – Messages will be typed, correctly addressed in an envelope and delivered accordingly within 10 minutes.
  • FO/SWB/014 – All calls requested for by guests will be made within 3 minutes of request and feedback given.
  • FO/SWB/015 – All calls will be charged and posted accurately within 1 minute.
  • FO/SWB/016 – All switchboard associates will be conversant with the emergency numbers and evacuation procedures.

Hospitality establishments cannot operate effectively without a front office setup. as it goes ” the first impression is the last impression.” Guests always make judgment and presumptions about the hotel based on their initial experience at the front desk on their check-in, This can culminate in overall good or bad experience in the property. Front office staff, therefore, represents the image of the organization hence care should be taken to ensure that things are done right in the first place.


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