A New Direction for The Hospitality


The refreshing hospitality brand standards site was established to promote professionalism in the hospitality industry. Hotels and hospitality establishments should take a new direction in rebranding their operational standards to ensure consistent service delivery to their customers, acknowledging their contribution and investing in staff training and development.

This is designed to allow them to deliver their mission statement below:

“We, ‘XYZ’ hotel will be the preferred choice for guests visiting the country and by those using our facilities. Our market leader brand will be trusted because we deliver consistent quality and genuine hospitality services, characterized by attention to detail. We will treat our staff and managers like guests, acknowledging them for their contribution, and because of this, desire to be the company that is sought by the finest employees.”

This distinctive approach is designed to make Hospitality Brand Standards clear and emphasize them in all aspects of operations. This should leave guests saying “wow, you will never guess what happened to me during my stay at XYZ Hotel!” Competition in the hotel and hospitality industry is intense with the changing trends and demands for customer satisfaction. It is impossible to sit still and expect positive results. To be the preferred choice, you must constantly improve your service delivery to your customers.

Hotel Promise

“Hotel’s promise should be based on making guests feel like your establishment is a home away from home, a place where they can feel comfortable and confident in the knowledge that their every need will be catered for.”

The Principle of Hospitality Brand Standards

The main principle of this site is to create a set of core standards that cut across all hotel and hospitality operations.

  • Dedicated to Guest Services areas and issues only, seen from a guest perspective,
  • Essential elements of excellent service or are unique to Hospitality establishments,
  • Standards that are ironclad, non-exemptible and will be demanded of all staff.


Each department or guest experience have a limited number of standards. Some of these standards are repeated throughout the hotel/hospitality operations.

Some of these standards have emerged as clear and compelling statements of service culture of hotels. These standards relate primarily to areas in which a guest uses and experiences and where front-line customer contact employees are required to conform. Due to the importance of a core set of cross-cutting brand standards, we have emphasized them separately.

The standards for each department have been developed keeping in mind;

  • A flow of activities which a guest goes through in a sequential order during the course of his stay at hotels and hospitality establishments.
  • A creation of an exhaustive set of Standard Operating Procedures (SPO’s) which is the “how to” for achieving and conforming to the Brand Standards.
  • The ease of usage and understanding of these standards by all associates and their ability to absorb them thoroughly.
  • The ability to use a mystery guest audit to ensure the adherence and conformity to brand standard.
  • The department brand standards have been coded by function, to provide linkage to the SOP’s to be followed, in order to ensure adherence to brand standards.

Uses of Hospitality Brand Standards

  • These standards are not designed to be a substitute for a training manual, or policy manual, though these tools will reflect these standards.
  • These standards should be brief enough for each employee to memorize their actions in any given situation.
  • These standards will be used as the basis for future performance evaluation of the property based on self and external audits conducted periodically.

Subsidiaries to the Brand Standards

I addition to brand standards and steps of operating procedures, the author has incorporated subsidiary information that will help chefs to discover more on cookery and recipes under the category of “The best recipes of all times”

Visit our blog page for more updates on Hospitality Brand Standards.

Thanking you for your patronage.

©Hospitality Brand Standards 2017

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  1. Hello. I’m in the business of inspecting hotels for specific types of brand standards.
    SOP’s are indeed the “formula” that define a hotel’s brand standards, and developing SOP’s for a hotel brand is a worthwhile, though sometimes costly, endeavour.
    Brands represent a set of values to the hotel guest, while the proper application of the standard operating procedures are supposed to meet and deliver the expected set of values i.e. the Guest Experience.
    Human nature, being what it is, causes staff to sometimes “drop the ball” in delivering the required guest experience, and this where an effective hotel management tool can make a significant difference: the hotel mystery shopper/guest service.
    Our company, Brand Integrity Auditors, has been delivering Brand Standard Audits to 5 Star hotels and resorts in the Middle East and North Africa since 2004. Over the past 13 years we have found that, when it comes to making the best use of a brand standard audit, it really comes down to the hotel’s GM approach and attitude towards the report; in the real world, some GM’s will take these reports more seriously than others, while others will view a brand standard audit with a certain level of trepidation and fear.
    I would not want to mislead you into assuming that I am referring only to GM’s of Arabian nationalities, no; we have found that this attitude can exist across all nationalities, including European and North Americans as well.
    Again; its human nature.
    The effectiveness of a brand standard audit is a direct consequence of how the audit report is translated into action by the GM, and his/her Heads of Department!
    For more information on our services, please go to http://www.biahotelmystery.com. We’d love to hear from you.

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    • Thanks for your comment sir. I will visit your site to find out more about what you are doing.
      Otherwise thanks for visiting this site and you are always welcome to share more insights in embracing standard operating procedures in the hospitality industry.


    • Wonderful stuff!

      Indeed hotel branding through the guidance of the set summarized SOPs is the secret behind achieving the highest customer satisfaction on the branded service

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for your comment @Viwa. That’s the only way to go in enhancing service standards in the hospitality industry.


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